A blog about TTC, infertility and hope

  • Feb 2007-    Started dating
  • Dec 2010-    Got engaged
  • Oct 2012-     We did it!! Finally married 🙂
  • May 2013-    Bought our first house
  • July 20113-  Diagnosed with PCOS
  • Nov 2013-    Started seeing a reproductive specialist
  • Nov 2013-    First HSG- Hydrosalpinx/possibly allergic to the dye- broke out in hives.
  • Jan 2014-     First ever BFP!! (Letrozole days 5-9)
  • Feb 2014-     No sac or heartbeat detected- possible ectopic. Was given Methotrexate to stop any growth.
  • May 2014-    Ready to try again. Saline sono done to make sure everything is ok after possible ectopic.
  • June 2014-  Injectibles consult
  • June 24th 2014- BFP! Beta 41 (Letrozole days 3-7)
  • June 26th 2014- 2nd Beta 84
  • June 30th 2014- 3rd Beta dropped to 41 😦
  • August 2014- Much needed break this month.
  • September 26th-30th Letrozole- CD 3-7

…….to be continued.


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