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Dr. M called me yesterday and said that my blood work checking for chromosome issues came back normal, my HCG was negative (which I suspected), and my progesterone was low showing that I hadn’t ovulated on my own (suspected that, as well). He told me to come in today and get more blood work done to check my HCG again before he starts me on Letrizole. Once I go (in about 10 minutes) he said he will call me this afternoon with results- if my HCG is negative than I can go ahead and start Letrizole tonight. 

I haven’t gotten a period since my miscarriage in the beginning of July. So my question is, isn’t Letrizole supposed to be taken on day 3 of your cycle? Shouldn’t i get a period before starting Letrizole? Will Letrizole give me a period? I’m kind of confused. Any feed back is greatly appreciated. Thank you!! 


Everything annoys me, everything upsets me, everything makes me wanna crawl into bed and stay there. I hate days like this. I don’t wanna be “that girl”.

This girl at my job just started working there about two months ago. When she first started I was pretty open with her about our fertility struggles, since she would be the one covering for me when I have my million doctor appointments. She’s a little younger (24) and has 2 step kids with her fiancee’- which she complained about everyday- and told me she doesn’t was kids of her own because trying to find activities for her step kids on the weekend was already too much. (sigh) About a month ago, she tells me she’s gonna be late for work because she has a doctor appointment. I asked if everything was okay and she tells me she’s pregnant! :/ I couldn’t even say congratulations, the first thing I say is, “I thought you didn’t want kids?” (rude, I know) She replies, “I don’t!” Ugghhhhh

For the rest of the day we didn’t really talk. I was super upset. Not with her, but with the situation. I didn’t really think anyone at my job would pop up pregnant. There are only 9 people who work in our office and 6 of them are men. The other lady is in her late 50’s and her kids are grown. For the past five years that I’ve worked there, I was the only one in the office who would get pregnant- until this new girl showed up. Near the end of the day, she comes up to me and says, “listen, I know you’re trying to get pregnant and I was nervous about telling you because I didn’t wanna upset you.” I thought, this is really nice of her- she doesn’t owe this to me, we’ve only known each other for about a month! Then she proceeds to tell me that she can’t believe this happened, she didn’t want kids and makes a “joke” that i could have the one growing her belly!!!! Really?!?!?! 

#Infertility E-Cards - LOL - Don't You Wish You Had Said That?

All I could do was turn around and stare at my computer…Not funny, girl. 

She sits about 10 feet away from me, so I see all the runs to the bathroom, all the snacks on her desk, and hardest of all, her bump getting bigger 😦 Last week when I found out that I was miscarrying, I didn’t know how I was gonna make it- knowing I was losing my baby and hers was just growing and in some short months she is gonna be a mommy and who knows what will be going on with me and my uterus. 

I also went for more bloodwork on Wednesday, my beta is still at 18 so i have to go back next Wednesday and hopefully it will be down to zero. I just want to start trying again!! It’s killin me! 

The only thing making this day/week a little better is my amazing husband, who does anything in his power to put a smile on my face, and the back to back episodes of Saved By The Bell on netflix! LOL

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Yesterday I went to the doctor for pregnancy blood work. It turns out, the symptoms I was having were not at all AF symptoms…I’M PREGNANT! I have so many emotions going on right now. I’m excited, scared, nervous, worried..ETC. But for now I’m just trying to be happy and positive!! 

My beta was only 41 but it’s still really early. I feel like that number is too low and I won’t have my 2nd beta until tomorrow. I’ve been reading about pregnancy with hydrosalpinx, and it seems that a lot of women miscarry due to the fluid from the tube leaking into the uterus. I’m trying so hard not to think this way, but it’s so difficult after my miscarriage in January. I just want everything to be ok! 

Some things are different from last time that are giving me great hope that this pregnancy will stick. One thing is no bleeding at all. In January, before I even knew I was pregnant, I was spotting which then turned to full bleeding and I thought that was cycle day 1. I went into the doctors office for CD1 blood work and later that afternoon the nurse called and said I was pregnant. 

Another difference, progesterone is not needed this time. When the nurse called me in January to tell me I was pregnant, I had to go right to the office to have a progesterone shot. Yesterday, I asked the nurse if I needed it and she said no, Dr. M said my levels are good at 21. 

Even though I am trying to be positive hand have faith, I still am a mad woman checking for everything that may seem off. Every cramp or flutter in my stomach scares the bejeesus outta me, every time I go to the bathroom I am checking for any sign of spotting or bleeding, and worse of all- I know, I know, this is the absolute worse thing I could do- I’m googling everything!! :/

Although I am scared, worried, nervous, crazy and any other emotion you could think of, right now I’m gonna enjoy being pregnant and continue to pray that my baby sticks around 🙂