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I went for blood work today just to confirm my beta was negative- I knew it would be since I got my period yesterday- but Dr. M just wanted to be 100% positive before I start Letozole tomorrow.

I didn’t POAS once during my 2WW. I usually try not to. But this time I just had a hunch that I wasn’t pregnant. I had no symptoms whatsoever and then CD 1 confirmed it for me yesterday. The nurse just called and told me that my beta was negative so I’m good to start Letrozole tomorrow. I texted my hubby and let him know. He asked if I was ok, and surprisingly, I am. Of course I wish I was pregnant, but I’m not too sad that I’m not this cycle. I’m just ready to move forward. I think because I already suspected I wasn’t pregnant, I kinda prepared myself for AF and the negative beta so it didn’t make it so tough this time- if that makes sense.

I thought we would be doing injectables this month, but I guess not? My only instructions are to take the Letrozole twice a day from CD3-CD7. And then I go next Friday, October 3rd for labs and ultrasound. I can’t really remember, but I thought at my old RE that I got monitored more often while on Letrozole? (Another reason I started this blog- to help keep track of things, I have a horrible memory!) Anyway, I plan on taking both at night, like I did last time. Did any of you ladies do that? Or did you take one in the morning and one at night? I wonder if it makes a difference.

Before I end this post, I just wanted to add that I haven’t had a period since my miscarriage in june/early July and boy has it come with a vengeance!! My moodiness is so bad that I kinda wanna punch my own face!


Dr. M called me yesterday and said that my blood work checking for chromosome issues came back normal, my HCG was negative (which I suspected), and my progesterone was low showing that I hadn’t ovulated on my own (suspected that, as well). He told me to come in today and get more blood work done to check my HCG again before he starts me on Letrizole. Once I go (in about 10 minutes) he said he will call me this afternoon with results- if my HCG is negative than I can go ahead and start Letrizole tonight. 

I haven’t gotten a period since my miscarriage in the beginning of July. So my question is, isn’t Letrizole supposed to be taken on day 3 of your cycle? Shouldn’t i get a period before starting Letrizole? Will Letrizole give me a period? I’m kind of confused. Any feed back is greatly appreciated. Thank you!! 

That I’d be so happy to say I’m NOT pregnant??

I had blood work done yesterday and my beta is finally down to zero. The nurse told me to call when I get my period, probably sometime in August, and they will give me instructions from there. Now all I can do is play the waiting game, I’m so bad at that game. I’m wayyyyy too impatient! But I guess I will try to enjoy the rest of my summer, hopefully this is the last one that we spend alone- Maybe next summer baby will make three?? 🙂

On another topic;

The girl at my job, that I wrote about here, I  found out today that she is pregnant with twins! I’m not gonna go on and on about how crappy and sad this makes me feel (pretty sure I did that in my last post).  But sheesh, what a double slap in the face!


So the nurse instructed me that if i didn’t get AF by the 23rd (today) then I would have to come in for a pregnancy test. I ovulated on my right side this month, which is the side with the bad tube (Hydrosalpinx), So the doctor didn’t put me on progesterone- he worries that if I get pregnant this month it won’t be a viable pregnancy due to the bad tube. 

I haven’t done a home pregnancy test yet- I hate seeing the negative results all the time so i really try to restrain and just wait for the blood work. I’m having some of the same symptoms as when I got pregnant in January. But in January, I was on progesterone and thought the symptoms were from that. Some of my symptoms:

1) The obvious, no AF. 

2) I’m extremely tired. I fell asleep while we were watching a movie yesterday afternoon and then went to bed around 8 PM. Constantly fighting to keep my eyes open at work. 

3) I’m soooo emotional. Yesterday hubby was playing around and stung me on my butt with a towel, I cried and called him a bully- LOL- It didn’t even hurt, I was just mad, sad, annoyed…you get the point. 

4) My boobs hurt so bad. It’s hard to sleep on my stomach.

5) This morning after breakfast I got sweaty and dizzy and felt like breakfast was gonna make its’ way back up. Too soon to feel that way? 

These could also be AF symptoms. I guess the only way to find out is calling that doctors office and making an appt. If I am pregnant, I’m praying for the doctor to be wrong and it be a viable one. Wish me luck!!