Welp, I finished my Letrozole with minimal side effects (mostly hot flashes and night sweats- eww) and had my follicles checked out today. I had a bunch of little ones on both sides, but the most dominant so far was 10mm on my left side. Dr. M said I shouldn’t be too concerned about the size because its still pretty early. I go back on Tuesday (October 7th) for another ultra sound. From past months on Letrozole, I’ve ovulated around CD17-18 so I think I still have time to grow some decent sized follies šŸ™‚ Fingers crossed!

I asked the ultra sound tech if she’s ever had anyone mention they could feel follicles growing. She said she has! People have mentioned feeling twinges or cramps and the bloat is a big give away. She told me that while follies are growing, sometimes we may have to pull out the Thanksgiving pants because the bloat is that serious! I was asking because I felt like I could feel them growing but wasn’t sure if that was a real thing or if it was just me hoping they were growing and it was all in my imagination. At any rate, they’re in there and they’re growing! (Please keep getting bigger!)

That’s all I got for right now šŸ™‚ Congrats to all the ladies with their recent BFP’s! And baby dust to all still trying!