Just got a call from the nurse ( I was getting my HCG re-checked to be sure I could start letrizole tonight). My HCG was negative, However, she said I recently ovulated…ON MY OWN!! 🙂 My instructions are to disregard the Letrizole and if i don’t get my period in two weeks than call to schedule HCG blood work. 

So I guess I am in my 2WW now. She didn’t say when I ovulated, just that it was recently. So I’m gonna cover all my bases and have some fun with hubby after work 🙂 

I’m so happy that my body did what it’s supposed to do, and on its own, but i’m slightly annoyed and nervous. I wish that I was being monitored and knew how big of a follicle I had or how many or which side they were on. But now that I am in the dreaded 2WW I will be checking for every symptom and consulting with Dr. Google :/

Wouldn’t it be crazy if this were the cycle that gives us our baby?! Nothing thus far has been normal with this TTC journey, so ya never know!