I’m back! There hasn’t been much to update lately. 

My beta finally was down to zero on July 16th and I was instructed to call when AF showed up. As of today, there is still no sign of it. So I called the office yesterday to let them know I was still waiting and asked if we could just move forward or if I still had to wait. The nurse told me they want to do labs to make sure I am not pregnant (I really don’t think I am) and they are also going to test for chromosome abnormalities due to my two miscarriages in 6 months. I’m so nervous about these results, but remaining positive that everything will be A-OK!  Once they get the results back from the lab, we will have a short consultation with Dr. M. and then hopefully proceed with our first IUI. 

Tomorrow me and my love are leaving for Ocean City, MD until Sunday. Last bit of summer fun and then its back to baby business! I’m more than ready to start trying again!